Lettering Collection 2020 — ​​​​​​​Part 2

Second part of a year of continuing exploration. Throughout 2020 I made 2 lettering pieces a month, trying to explore shapes and play around with color. This is the result of that exploration and I'm very happy with what I've learned and discovered.

Vote — Lettering inspired in the road to 270 US elections.

Lettering, Illustration & Design — Self promotion

Love is Everywhere — Lettering poster

Not One More — Piece for a protest exhibition

 MTY— Monterrey pin design

New York City — Postage stamp design

Flores y Canela — Illustration using Canela Typeface by Miguel Reyes

Hard to Say Goodbye — Lettering exercise

You've Got Your Way of Leaving — Lettering based on a song title

Never that Far Away — Based on a Laurent Bourque song!

FTZ — Illustration and letters for FTZ Studio in Colombia

Thank you!  —  ¡Gracias!


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